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26 February 2008 @ 07:05 pm
01. Alice in Wonderland  
Title: Alice in Wonderland
Origin: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Pairing: None; Jun-centric
Rating: G

Matsumoto took a sip of his lemonade and reclined back against his seat.

It was a beautiful day, and he was in a very good mood. Not even midday and he had already ordered three cards beheaded, and he also had a croquet game lined up for the afternoon. Yes, it was a very good day.

An outstretched arm caught his eye, and he glanced sideways with barely veiled disdain as Sakurai reached for another treacle tart. Sometimes he plain forgot about the man's existence, he was that unobtrusive.

Matsumoto scowled. "Where is Aiba?" he grumbled suddenly. "That rabbit is always late. I have half a mind to behead him too..."

"Now, now," Sakurai said in the best cajoling tones he could muster around the bite of tart in his mouth. "Aiba may be a bit tardy, but he's one of the best servants we have!"

A familiar snicker filtered into Matsumoto's ears and he wrinkled his nose, his good mood rapidly deflating. "Go away before I use your head for my next croquet game."

Ninomiya stretched leisurely over the branch he had materialized upon. "Why? I'm not getting in your way. Can't a cat take a simple nap without getting his life threatened for once?"

Whatever response he had prepared to fire back was interrupted by Aiba's sudden appearance. Watching the rabbit struggle to catch his breath through narrowed eyes, Matsumoto crossed his arms in annoyance. "Do you realize how late you are?"

"I'm really really sorry, your Majesties!" Aiba panted, eyes darting from one ruler to the other with fright. "But I just--"

"Don't run so fast, Aiba-chan!" A figure huffed as he turned the corner.

"...what," Matsumoto said slowly, "is that?"

"Bow!" Aiba hissed nervously as he followed his own advice, sinking so low the tips of his ears brushed the ground.

Ohno cocked his head in confusion and looked down at the front of his shirt. "Bow? But this is a tie."

Matsumoto glared at the creature before him, almost growled out loud when the boy stifled a yawn as he surveyed his surroundings with sleepy eyes. The gall! The audacity!

"OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!" He shouted--

-- and woke with a start.
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